Hildegard Hahn - The Tower of Babel

Exposition and Book

The scenario consists of 5 tables (160 x 160 cm), not very high and about 3000 small or middle- sized flat pieces of marble found on the Atlantic beaches of Las Palmas. There are all kinds of signs, alphabets, letters, secret writings and so on, which I could find in museums or books during the last years, written with pen and Indian ink. Little texts of current subjects, science and poetry are added among them.

The Book

For my children Mara, Andrea, Ellena and Roberto.

An important part of this project about the possible communication, or not, between ALL, with the different languages and structures, to express themselves, is the book which I put together, with photos of the stones and 5 pages of explanations, to raise the curiosity for the strange, the stranger. Into the scenario I include the shadows and video sequences of the visitors as a hint to the connection between history and present, which is only a moment, between the material and the immaterial or illusion, the different realities.

Cover Text

214 pages
ISBN 84-605-9449-1,
50 Euro: Order by email


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