Hildegard Hahn - DWELLING - Capital of an Island

DWELLING is a project about lifein big cities, especially Las Palmas, where I live. Capitals work as magnets for those who dream of a better life. With this better life which they dream of - the modern life - increasing problems arise, for example the de-personalization and isolation.

The towns experience a perpetual change ...

Actual life in the city is mainly: much noise, many parallel optical impressions, long ways, wasted time, lack of space for the individual, lack of places for meetings and recovery ...

However, people look for a change to the better.

The project consists of:

  1. 6 columns each built from 6 cubes (40x40x40 cm), set upon each other in the form of a spiral. On each cube are glued 8 photos (20x30 or 30x20 cm) and 4 mirrors (10x40 cm).
  2. Noise of the Environment
  3. Moveable Light Sources

Each column deals with one subtitle:

  1. The New City
  2. The Transforming City
  3. Men and their Habitudes
  4. Shadows, Reflections and Illusions
  5. Left-Overs of Individual Signs

Last modification: 22-Jun-2002
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