punctum - Floppy Disk Converter

Data Sheet

Floppy disk converters from punctum read 3,5", 5.25"e und 8" floppy disks from many legacy systems with conventional PC hardware. Some of the floppy formats can even be written and formatted.

Most of the pre-PC typewriter systems ever used in Germany are supported. The documents of these systems are converted into current PC text processing formats like RTF for Word, WordPerfect, DCA/RFT for IBM PCText etc., and formatting attributes like bold print, underlining, italics, tab stops ... are maintained.

Supported systems:

5.25", 8", Digital Research, ATOS, etc. (please specify your hardware)
VAX VMS, RSX-11M, RT11, P/OS, Rainbow, PRO 350
RX01 (8"), RX50 (5.25"), RX23, RX33
6788, 6580 (8"), IBM-1/2/2D/2HC, /36, 3740
8840, 8870, 8818 (telephone switch)
ETV 240, 250, 300, 350, 260, 2700, 3000
ETS 1010/2010, ET 351, CWP1, M20 PCOS, Scriptum
ETX I, People, Olytext 20, Olytext 30
Realtime Operating System (please specify your hardware)
P5020/5040, P3800, P4500
Bitsy, M32, Alphatronic P2, P3, SE 525, SE 1041, SO16xx
Twixtyper, VS20, BSM 100
Unix tar
Sinix, DEC etc. (please specify your hardware)
OIS, VS Archiv
Miscellaneous Systems
Bull Micral
Compugraphic MCS
Data General AOS
Diamond 7 (8")
EGS mini
Eritron DCOS (Intext)
Hermes 66
NEXOS 2200
Schneider CPC, Joyce (Logscript)
SEL 3160
Siemens 5800, T4200
Telenorma CTOS
Thomson TO9
Xerox Viewpoint

The converter is called on the MS-DOS prompt by specifying input format, input file, output format, output file.


All prices are in Euro. VAT is not added for EC countries, but we need your European VAT ID number.

The data converter datrans is offered in the following variants:

Licence Price (Euro) Explanation
Basic Version 200 conversion between two formats
Full Version 350 between all formats, 1 year update service and hotline
Network Licence 1000 5 full versions, with diskette converter pttar
Site Licence 8000 same as network licence, but freely useable on all machines
of an organization in a geographically limited area
Demo Version 10 some characters are replaced by spaces

Demo Version

The demo version translates the characters

      p u n c t m P U N C T M 0 2 9

to spaces. All other properties of the software, especially the conversion of the formatting attributes, are the same as in the production version.

Last modification: 10-Jan-2005
Please direct any questions or comments to: <georg.fischer@t-online.de>, Dr. Georg Fischer.