punctum - Graphics Format Converter pictrans

Data Sheet

The graphics format converter pictrans transforms tables from one graphics format into another, while maintaining most picture information. The full version currently converts between the following formats:

System Input Output
amidraw AmiDraw 3.0 * 
bitmap Windows device independant bitmap * 
intern internal ASCII data of the graphics file **
rtfdo RTF Drawing Objects (MS-Word)  *
sidraw SIDRAW (Sinix) * 
statis statistic output  *
svg SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics (XML)  *
wmf Windows Metafile * 
wperf WPG - WordPerfect drawing  *
xml XML - eXtended Markup Language **

The converter is called on the MS-DOS prompt by specifying input format, input file, output format, output file.


All prices are in Euro. VAT is not added for EC countries, but we need your European VAT ID number.

The graphics converter datrans is offered in the following variants:

Licence Price (Euro) Explanation
Basic Version 100 conversion between two formats
Full Version 200 between all formats, 1 year update service and hotline
Network Licence 600 5 full versions, with diskette converter pttar
Site Licence 5000 same as network licence, but freely useable on all machines
of an organization in a geographically limited area
Demo Version 10 some characters are replaced by spaces

Demo Version

The demo version translates the characters

      p u n c t m P U N C T M 0 2 9

to spaces. All other properties of the software, especially the conversion of the formatting attributes, are the same as in the production version.

Last modification: 5-Jan-2005
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