punctum - Text Converter putrans

Data Sheet

The text converter putrans transforms documents from one text processing format into another, while maintaining most formatting attributes. The full version currently converts between the following formats:

System Input Output
amipro Lotus AmiPro >= V3.0 * 
as400 IBM Office Vision/400 Text * 
ascii PC ASCII text without formatting attributes **
bro350 Brother LW350 Typewriter * 
butler Philips Butler/Master * 
chi ChiWriter 3.15 Scientific Text Processing * 
clou Siemens-Hit CLOU text macros * 
dcarft IBM DCA-RFT for IBM DisplayWriter4/5 etc. **
dcf IBM DCF, Script/VS **
dx DECdx * 
ebcdic IBM EBCDIC without formatting attributes **
enable Enable II * 
egs EGS MultiDOS Textverarbeitungssystem Text Processing System * 
euroscript Euroscript à la carte, XYWrite **
facit Facit-Lycka Textverarbeitungssystem Text Processing System * 
haba Haba Writer (Atari ST) * 
hit Siemens Hit >= V4.0, 3.4 **
hit2 Siemens Hit V2.0 **
html HTML - Hypertext Markup Language **
ics Siemens ICS Textverarbeitungssystem Text Processing System * 
isy Telenorma ISY * 
kitext Kienzle kitext * 
komfor Komfortext (Redtenbacher Software) * 
lex LEX WP (BACS) V9 **
msword Microsoft Word (DOS) >= V4.0 **
ni8870 Nixdorf 8870 * 
oa Open Access II * 
pcwrite PC-Write >= V2.71 **
prisma PRISMATEXT >= V4.0 * 
protext ProText * 
q1 Q1, Q-Office (Quadraton) * 
qa Q&A resp. F&A * 
rtf Rich Text Format (MS-Word, Works etc. **
smart Smartware II * 
ta525 Triumph Adler SE 525 **
texass TEX-ASS Window Plus resp. DATEV TEXT **
uniplex Uniplex II **
ventura Ventura Publisher * 
wang Wang VSDMS * 
wbasic WordBasic (MS-Word macros)  *
wmarc WordMARC Composer Plus >= V6.2.1 **
wperf WordPerfect >= V5.0 **
wordplus Wordplus, 1st Word (Atari)^ * 
wordstar WordStar >= V3.4 **
wrass IBM Writing Assistant * 

In the full version the converter may be installed in the converter menue of MS-Word. Only a single format is supported by a converter DLL in this case. After the installation you may open a foreign format document in MS-Word. The conversion will take place in the background without user interaction, and the converted text will be placed in the editing window. Likewise you may store the document in the foreign format with the "Save as, Options" menues.


All prices are in Euro. VAT is not added for EC countries, but we need you European VAT ID number.

The text converter putrans is offered in the following variants:

Licence Price (Euro) Explanation
Basic Version 200 conversion between two formats
Full Version 350 between all formats, 1 year update service and hotline
Network Licence 1200 5 full versions, with diskette converter pttar
Site Licence 8000 same as network licence, but freely useable on all machines
of an organization in a geographically limited area
Demo Version 25 some characters are replaced by spaces

Demo Version

The demo version translates the characters

      p u n c t m P U N C T M 0 2 9

to spaces. All other properties of the software, especially the conversion of the formatting attributes, are the same as in the production version.

File Transfer

There are several possibilities for the transfer of the source documents from a Unix system to the PC:

The User's Manual is online available.

Last modification: 10-Jan-2005
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