Hildegard Hahn - Projects

Stories of the Atlantic Ocean

This work has directly been carried out on the beach and in the sea. It tries to describe the ocean in a different way, making the sea express itself.


Prints of rust produced by iron boards on specially prepared canvas, intentionally painted over pictures. Wine and liquor were used to improve the production of iron rust. It is supposed to be a game among manipulation, chemical reactions, chance and included mysticism.

The Thousandth Part and One

This project represents the 1001st part of human mankind including everybody among everybody else. The starting point is a drawing (pen and Indian ink) in the size 12 x 16" showing crowds of people arranged in lines, 5600 on the whole, which is about the one millionth part of the present mankind. The walls of a room were closely covered with 1000 photocopies, occasionally the negative ones, thus suggesting the idea of the presence of the thousandth part.

Little mirrors (6 x 12") were fixed very regularily among those millions of people in order to involve the spectator directly into the immense crowd of people. In an additional room I continuously added enlargments of the drawing until the (human) signs were completely dissolved.

This project is supposed to be a kind of scenery and expects the visitor, similar to "Cicer" and "The Tower of Babel", to be involved in an active way. Only by doing so a sufficient and complete reading or understanding can be achieved.

Cicer, Portrait of a Landscape

is a more complex way to represent a landscape. This project consists of 4 parts:
  1. Camuflage, Mimikri: A collection of 365 glass bowls (receptacles) containing broken pieces of glass washed ashore, ground by the sea, which I found on the beach (One bowl for one day's finding throughout one year). They represent the crystallized ocean. The color
  2. Rupestre: A collection of broken pieces of pottery (or bricks) covered with decorations or signs which had once been used as floors of houses in town. They were losely installed on square boards of the size of 90x90 cm. The signs
  3. Luz o Sombra: 75 black-and-white photos taken at exactly the same place of the beach in Las Palmas called Cicer where I collected and found the broken pieces of glass and pottery at different times of the day and in different light. Light and Shadow
  4. Memory: 225 small paintings transporting allusions to the history of art and its icons. The idea or message of each painting includes or contains in each depiction of a glass bowl a well- known painter's style or a general tendency in the history of art and its icons. The extended perception of landscape ...? The Iconographics

Venus of Willendorf - Collages

The Tower of Babel

The scenario consists of 5 tables (160 x 160 cm), not very high and about 3000 small or middle- sized flat pieces of marble found on the Atlantic beaches of Las Palmas. There are all kinds of signs, alphabets, letters, secret writings and so on, which I could find in museums or books during the last years, written with pen and Indian ink. Little texts of current subjects, science and poetry are added among them.

An important part of this project about the possible communication, or not, between ALL, with the different languages and structures, to express themselves, is the book which I put together, with photos of the stones and 5 pages of explanations, to raise the curiosity for the strange, the stranger. Into the scenario I include the shadows and video sequences of the visitors as a hint to the connection between history and present, which is only a moment, between the material and the immaterial or illusion, the different realities.

The Dance of Stones

The "Dance of Stones" is a work about gravitation and balance. As a subtitle I could call it "Aristotle between Newton and Einstein". I would like to refer to the changed central ideas of the 20th century. According to my opinion representation or portrayal of nature has to keep its interior structure whereas its perception has changed because of the quantum mechanics.

Furthermore "The Dance of Stones" is supposed to be a metaphor for the relation between masses and the individual.




Dwelling - Capital of an Island

DWELLING is a project about life in big cities, especially Las Palmas, where I live. Capitals work as magnets for those who dream of a better life. With this better life which they dream of - the modern life - increasing problems arise, for example the de-personalization and isolation.

The towns experience a perpetual change ...


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