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punctum specializes on converter software and services. The focus is on converters for

punctum GmbH was founded in 1987 by Henrik Arneth, Dr. Georg Fischer and Rupert Fischer in Munich. Since 1998 it is located in Kenzingen in the South-West area of Germany.

You reach us at:

Gesellschaft für Software mbH

Dr. Georg Fischer
Rotteckring 19
D-79341 Kenzingen , Germany
Phone +49 7644 913016, Fax 913018,
mobile +49 175 160 7788
EMail: <punctum@punctum.com>
CEO: Dipl.-Inform. Dr.rer.nat. Georg Fischer
registered at HRB Emmendingen 514K
bank account: Volksbank Emmendingen eG, BLZ 680 920 00, Konto 265 1505
European VAT Id No. DE129443785, Firmensitz: Kenzingen

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punctum saliens - The Salient Point

Aristoteles (Hist. Animal 6,3) speaks of the blood spot in the white of an egg as a point that hops and jumps like a living being, in the Latin translation:

quod punctum salit iam et movetur ut animal

The punctum saliens is the salient point that is most important.

The period is one of the most important punctuation marks in written language. In most programming languages the period is also an essential syntactical delimiter. In COBOL or BLISS for example beginners often experienced the fatal effects of a missing or misplaced period.

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